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Zorica Stanojevic : violin

After having developed a passion for music, listening to gypsy melodies and opera arias since early childhood, Zorica began her violin studies at the age of 7 at the music conservatory in Valjevo, Serbia. She continued her education at the « School for Gifted Children » in Cuprija and then at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad where she obtains her performer diploma in 1998 . She then moved to France and opened towards the French music school at the Conservatory of Versailles where she likewise won a unanimous first prize with honors in 2000. Her teachers were Vladimir Bobic, Maja Jokanovic, Evgenia Tchugaeva, Marianne Piquetty and Istvan Varga. She enriched her musical knowledge by attending various master classes and working with great violinists such as Ruggiero Ricci, Sreten Krstic and Marina Jasvili.Zorica is regularly invited to prestigious chamber music festivals held in Serbia and France (BEMUS, NOMUS, The tribune of composers, Musical meetings at Hautes Vosges, Nigella Musica, Festival Fénétrange). In chamber music she played with Maja Jokanovic, Istvan Varga and Dejan Mladenovic in Serbia and then with Jean Marc Phillips, Raphael Pidoux, Jean Luc Manca Ivan Meles, Gasparov Alexander, Caroline Glory, Mami Kino, Eric Villeminey and Mathieu Steffanus in France. In 1994 she became the concertmaster of the « Camerata Academica » chamber orchestra in Novi Sad which position she kept from 1995 to 1998. This orchestra embraced the great repertoire of chamber orchestras and accompanied soloists such as Jasminka Stancul, Aleksandar Madzar, Werner Hink, Dejan Mladenovic, Valery Afanasiev as well as created many contemporary works. Parallel to chamber music Zorica is highly passionate about other great ensembles; she plays in various orchestras: The Orchestra regional de Tours , Lyon National Orchestra, the Paris Opera, the Pelleas Chamber Orchestra and the Rouen Opera.